Arab Future Cities Dubai 2019

16-17 September 2019
Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Summit Agenda

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» Day 1 - 16th September 2019

» Day 2 - 17th September 2019

Day 1 - 16th September 2019
08:20 - 09:20


09:20 - 09:25

Opening Ceremony

09:25 - 09:30


09:30 - 09:40

Ministerial Address

H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimi, Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure Development ?????

H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimi
09:40 - 09:50

Welcome Address

H.E. Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai

H.E. Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri
09:50 - 09:55

Welcome Address

H.E. Philip Frayne, Consul General, U.S. Consulate Dubai

H.E. Philip Frayne
09:55 - 10:00

Welcome Remarks

Samer Halabi, Regional Managing Director, KONE Middle East and Africa

Samer Halabi
10:00 - 10:20

How We Make A City Smart?

The Smart City usually conjures up images of uber-modern cityscapes with self-driving cars, pristine streets and smooth, silent transportation. Whilst this may be true for some of the newer cities popping up around the world, some of the biggest changes can actually happen in the places that have been part of our lives for decades. As always, the smartest technologies aren’t the ones which are immediately obvious, but the ones which quietly go about making life easier.

Dr. Chen-Yu Lee, Director, Taipei Project Management Taiwan

Dr. Chen-Yu Lee
10:20 - 10:40

Dubai pioneering Smart City Initiatives in UAE

  • The progress in e-government accessibility and efficiency – enabling and adopting citywide reforms
  • Overview of smart city initiatives launched – understanding the percentage of citizen adoption
  • Dubai Paperless Strategy – Phase 1 completion: what are the various limitations faced in execution of this project across various government departments?
  • Putting Dubai on the world map as one of the leading smart cities

Dr. Mohammad Abdulla Al Awadi, Senior Director Business Development - Smart City ICT - Smart Dubai, Du

Dr. Mohammad Abdulla Al Awadi
10:40 - 11:00

Artificial Intelligence - Enabling Smarter and Connected Cities

  • Using AI to plot the future of smart cities and revolutionizing urban growth
  • Enabling AI to make an impact on citizen’s day-to-day lives – smarter decision making for a better future
  • Understanding how AI plays a role in changing the landscape for better urban governance
  • What are the constraints in provisioning actionable insight and city data management with an ever increasing population?


Pierre Liautaud, Executive Vice President, KONE South Europe, Middle East and Africa

Pierre Liautaud
11:00 - 11:40

Interactive Panel discussion: The Power of Data Sharing within Government Organizations

  • Making sense of the vast enormous data-sets that each government entity accumulates
  • Enabling big data and analytics for governing bodies to make citizen – oriented decisions and devise tailor made strategies contributing to citizen happiness
  • Will transformation in the government sector and improved data sharing, enable creating smarter and connected cities of the future?
  • How to ensure ‘Data’ is in the generic code for intelligent governments of the future?

Abdulrahman Khaiwi, Head of IT, Emirates National Schools
Brig. Khalid Al Razooqi, General Director, Smart Services Department, Dubai Police
Eng. Isha Mohammad Aljassmy, IT Director, Ministry of Energy and Industry
Hussain Al Fardan, Head of Innovation Center & Innovation Oasis, Dubai Customs
Jacob Kuriyan, Director, Information Technology, Khalifa University
Saif Salem Bamadhaf, IT & Smart & Government Services Director, Department of Energy

Abdulrahman Khaiwi Brig. Khalid Al Razooqi Eng. Isha Mohammad Aljassmy Hussain Al Fardan Jacob Kuriyan Saif Salem Bamadhaf
11:40 - 12:10


12:10 - 12:30

TAMM “Whole of Government Platform” Program: An integrated Abu Dhabi’s Government Services Gateway

  • An overview of TAMM program
  • Implementation of TAMM – Advantages & Benefits
  • How TAMM is changing the quality of life by providing excellence in customer experience and bridging the gap between it’s citizens and the government?

Naji AlMasabi, Senior Manager Digital Channels, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Naji AlMasabi
12:30 - 12:50

What do We Need to Industrialize AI?

  • We all want to build industrial level AI solutions but face insurmountable challenges 
  • The complexity of data capture from multiple sources
  • Data integration needs skills, time and resources and it is hard to automate
  • Value creation happens much later when algorithms are deployed, but big data problems needs to be tackled first
  • Digazu is a next generation high extensible data hub which can help automate and industrialize AI solutions in few days 

Shivom Aggarwal, Head of R&D Projects, Eura Nova

Shivom Aggarwal
12:50 - 13:30

Interactive Panel Discussion: Smart Mobility Revolution  

  • Urban mobility to achieve citizen happiness – what role does data play?
  • Providing options for citizens to customize their commutes – does technology implementation still represent a significant challenge?
  • Innovative urban transportation – is it all positive or are their economic & environmental impacts to consider?
  • Finding the next generation mobility system that is a point-to-point transit system using self-driving technology, digital navigation tools while improving convenience, reducing costs and enhancing street safety
  • Integration of smart vehicles and city sensors towards a safer city- A fast approaching reality?

Andrew Bevan, Smart Mobility Director, Parsons
Edward Forrester, Future Mobility Lead Planner and Global Coordinator for the Middle East, Mott MacDonald
Christian Abrahamsen, Vice President - Transportation, Khatib & Alami
Liam Michael Farrell, Expert Planner, Abu Dhabi Airports
Martin Tillman, Director Transport Planning, AECOM
Samer Halabi, Regional Managing Director, KONE Middle East and Africa

Andrew Bevan Edward Forrester Christian Abrahamsen Liam Michael Farrell Martin Tillman Samer Halabi
13:30 - 13:50

Future Urban Mobility – How Innovation and Digitalization Enable Smart Cities of Tomorrow

  • Half of the world’s population already living in cities and this number is growing daily. By 2050 we expect urban population accounting for 70% of the world’s population. On a global scale, builders are constructing the equivalent of a one-million-person city every day.
  • Expanding cities on the horizontal plane is not an option, cities must use their space more efficiently, making mid to high rise buildings the first choice.
  • Traditional elevators with a single cabin in a single vertical shaft restrict mobility and take up space. They also limit the height of a building, because they reach their limits at about 400-500 m. Plus, it’s a waste of building space to use such high shafts for a single elevator cabin.
  • So future buildings require new solutions for urban transportation, a revolution is necessary. Elevators without rope and multiple cabins per shaft, moving vertically and horizontally as well, enable new shapes and heights for buildings.

Prof. Michael Cesarz, CEO, thyssenkrupp Elevator MULTI

Prof. Michael Cesarz
13:50 - 14:30

Interactive Panel Discussion: Using Blockchain Technology in Today’s Smart Cities

  • Using multiple layers of digital ledger technologies on a city domain – creating long term mechanisms which cater to smart governance strategies
  • What are the limitations associated with city-wide adoption of blockchain technology?
  • Dubai Blockchain Strategy - ushering of a new economic wave and digital innovation

Ahmad Mohy Al-Wathah Al-Montshri, General Manager, Comprehensive Institutional Centre, Ministry of Municipality & Rural Affairs - KSA
Ali Khawaja, Founder Member, Dubai Blockchain Center
Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Director of Information Services, Dubai Electronic Security Center
Emily Southon, Legal Director, Technology and Innovation for Financial Services, DLA Piper
Eng. Elham ALShehhi, Head of Networks & Infrastructure Section, Sharjah Economic Development Department
Fadi Nasser, General Manager ICT Business / Senior Advisor to CEO, Omantel
Jose Francisco Fernandez, Director New ICT Solutions & Emerging Technologies, du

Ahmad Mohy Al-Wathah Al-Montshri Ali Khawaja Dr. Marwan Alzarouni Emily Southon Fadi Nasser Jose Francisco Fernandez
14:30 - 14:40

How to Specify Smart Pole Solutions

  • What elements are really valuable for clients?
  • Top 6 elements by popularity
  • Which highly promoted elements are not valuable?
  • Common mistakes made in delivery
  • Why flexibility is the only way

Trevor Leighton, Global Technical Director, LIGMAN

Trevor Leighton
14:40 - 14:50


14:50 - 15:20


Day 2 - 17th September 2019
09:20 - 09:50


09:50 - 10:00


10:00 - 10:20

Government Experience & Delivering to Evolving Citizen Expectations

  • Enter e-Estonia. Introduction of the coolest digital society in the world. Lessons learnt from the Estonian e-governance model. The ultimate benchmark for how citizens should engage with the government.
  • Making 99% of government services available online to Estonian citizens, as well as enabling individuals from other countries to become ‘e-residents’ with a digital ID card
  • For over 20 years, Estonia has learned and tried using the digital ID project, until the day that one can utilize all services without using any documents
  • The cornerstones of e-Estonia. Designing solutions from scratch based on the principles of decentralization, interconnectivity and integrity
  • Understanding citizen expectations have changed in the last 10 years and analyzing how they will evolve
  • What are the implications of evolving citizen expectations on government services?

Andrus Kaarelson, Director of Information System of the Information System Authority, Republic of Estonia

Andrus Kaarelson
10:20 - 10:40

Cybersecurity Strategy for a Smart and Safe Dubai

  • The Cyber Security Strategy provides rules protecting the data and electronic services from threats and attacks, as well as protects companies, individual users or any information technology-related activities
  • Raising the awareness of cyber security is a key element of promoting the success of the strategy. With the goal to build a more secure information society that is perfectly aware of cyber security risks and making Dubai the safest city in cyberspace

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Director of Information Services, Dubai Electronic Security Center

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni
10:40 - 11:00

The Rise of Edge Computing: Applications and Benefits

  • Main trends: How digitization is changing our lifestyle?
  • Smart Cities: a snapshot at new technologies and growing applications
  • The IT infrastructure required at the edge: best practices and requirements
  • EcoStruxure solutions for Edge deployments

Remi Bernard Marie Pouchucq, Business Development Manager - Edge Computing, Small & Medium Data Center Middle East & Africa, Schneider Electric

Remi Bernard Marie Pouchucq
11:00 - 11:40

Interactive Panel Discussion: Constructing Inclusive, Connected, Livable Cities

  • Greener districts – achieving urban regeneration and economic value
  • Pedestrian friendly approaches – emphasis on zero emission mobility
  • Human centric approach – following citizen oriented development in cities and ensuring it is sustainable
  • What are the most common challenges in redesigning cities for the well-being and happiness of its citizens

Ali El Ali, Director, Planning & Program Management, King Abdullah Economic City
Chris Wan, Head of Design Management, Masdar
Dhay Aldawyan, Head of Center for Development of Urban Design and Planning of Saudi Cities, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs KSA
Elena Mate Mugica, Smart Cities Specialist, Jacobs
Eng. Nawal Yousef Alhanaee, Head of Research and Technical Section - Sustainability and Technical Studies Dept., Ministry of Infrastructure Development
Farzan Al Marzooqi, Director, Capability Enablement, Innovation and Future Technologies, Expo 2020, Dubai
Jason Hunt, Commercial Director, Serco Middle East

Ali El Ali Chris Wan Dhay Aldawyan Elena Mate Mugica Eng. Nawal Yousef Alhanaee Farzan Al Marzooqi Jason Hunt
11:40 - 12:10


12:10 - 12:50

Interactive Panel Discussion: Protecting the Intelligent City – Securing against Smart Attacks

  • Adoption of city-wide digital security with focus on best practices – a regulatory framework mandate
  • Cyber proofing cities – growing number of cases on cyber hacking lays emphasis on protection of its networks
  • What are the best practices that can be followed from smart, cyber - secure government models across the globe?

Amer Sharaf, Senior Director - Compliance Support & Alliances, Dubai Electronic Security Center
Hanin Mohamed AlMuhallabi, Head of technical Infrastructure Section, Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority
Loay Ghazaleh, Advisory, Ministry of Works Bahrain
Mahmoud AlBurai, Chairman, Middle East Sustainable Development Institute
Nadeem Shakir, Technical Director & Head of Transport Planning (MENA), Aurecon
Noora Al Ahbabi, Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry of Economy
Satyan Abraham, Director ICT, DXB Dubai Parks and Resorts

Amer Sharaf Hanin Mohamed AlMuhallabi Loay Ghazaleh Mahmoud AlBurai Nadeem Shakir Noora Al Ahbabi Satyan Abraham
12:50 - 13:10

Smart Solar Integration into Residential and Commercial Spaces

  • Smart solar solutions for the home
  • Integrating solar solutions back to the grid
  • The value in commercial solar
  • Use of AI and IOT in solar solutions

13:10 - 13:30

Monetizing e-Government Big Data

  • Going beyond government data needs towards meeting private sectors data needs, more useful data needed
  • Single data depositary versus government entities silos, advantages and disadvantages
  • Data monetizing models & cost recovery explored

Loay Ghazaleh, Advisory, Ministry of Works Bahrain

Loay Ghazaleh
13:30 - 13:50

The Human-Centric City Approach

  • Creative cities and communities.
  • The firm and elastic planning and design approach.
  • Narrative driven, cities with a vision
  • (Urban Design) and sustainable cities

Dhay Aldawyan, Head of Center for Development of Urban Design and Planning of Saudi Cities, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs KSA

Dhay Aldawyan
13:50 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:00


Agenda is subject to change

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Registration Closed!

16-17 September 2019

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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